Monday, June 23, 2008

First disital painting...

Photoshop is really difficult to paint. I tried to paint sevral times to effect good image.
I think i should study hard to use this tool....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Character design

The India

Van Wezel Project 1 and 2

Fist semester, I got two ticket for Van Wezel Project. It was good chance to watch expensive performances. but after watching those performances, I had to paint those pictures. (:()

My parents's portrate.

My paretns have each special world. For example my father loves to play the card game which
give me good inspiration about his mind, so I represent what is his portrait and his world.

nude 1

meowing~ Do you think I did wrong?

painting in pastel. -spring semester, freshman

the gene mutation

I love to use acrylic painting.

figure class

fall semester, freshman

2 hours drawing

A rolling orange

drawing class - fall semester, freshman

Ringling museum 1